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Chris Jones lost in Super Bowl 55, and he plans on never having that happen ever again.

The franchise tag window begins Tuesday, and teams have until March 9 at 4 p.m. ET to place the tag on their most valuable player.

As for the idea of not intangibly (or tangibly, on the field) valuing your franchise quarterback as much as you should? That’s a different problem which goes at least one step above Wilson in Seattle, and it presents an opportunity for a team like the Raiders.Dallas Cowboys for Face Masks

Nfl Shop Face Masks

Wilson may be a better prospect than Florida’s Kyle Trask, North Dakota State’s Trey Lance (who had his own schedule questions in 2020) and even Fields. But it takes an enormous stack of assumptions to put Wilson in the same category as Lawrence.

The Patriots offensive line is – along with the secondary – the strongest part of the team. But there’s work to do in order to ensure it stays that way.Detroit Lions for Face Masks

The Panthers don’t trust Teddy Bridgewater to be their quarterback of the future. Will they secure his replacement in the 2021 NFL Draft?Jacksonville Jaguars for Face Masks

“I actually got to spend a lot of time with C.J. in Texas because Deion Sanders had his camp there and invited me down there to coach where he had C.J. there as a guest.” Blackmon said. “So he and I got to talking and my prediction was for C.J. to actually go to Jacksonville.Kansas City Chiefs for Face Masks

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